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Image Of Hand Consultation With Hand Doctors In Houston - Fiore Hand &: Wrist We use our hands on a daily basis to perform a multitude of tasks. They may seem simple, but they are actually complex instruments made up of nerves, tendons, bones, and muscles. Despite their complexity, it is easy to overlook hand health until an injury occurs. When an injured or infected hand requires a surgical procedure, it is important to find a surgeon with hand and wrist experience to ensure a successful outcome. At Fiore Hand & Wrist, that is what we do best, and we help patients who require surgical procedures to restore their hand function.

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Common Hand and Wrist Ailments Treated

There are various wrist and hand ailments that are caused by overuse, injury, and medical conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Some symptoms that are common with the wrist include the inability to move the wrist and misshapen joints. We have experience in treating various conditions, and also offer different services which promote healthy hands.

Trigger fingers: This condition is characterized by fingers that lock when opening and occur when the tendons fail to slide properly through the tissue tunnel. The symptoms tend to be noticeable in the mornings, and mild cases can be overcome through resting the affected finger, soaking it in warm water, or using over-the-counter pain medications. More advanced cases may require steroid injections or surgery.

Arthritis: It is one of the common conditions in the U.S and leads to pain, inflammation, and inability to move the joints. Arthritis can be caused by genetic factors, an injury, or trauma. Treatment may involve medication, injections, joint fusion, or replacement.

Burns: Burns are fairly common and can be categorized as first, second, or third-degree, depending on their severity. Common treatments include local wound care, debridement, skin grafts, and tissue expansion.

Skin Grafting: Grafting is necessary for cases where abrasions or severe burns seriously damage the skin. The surgeon takes grafts from other parts of the body to help in speeding the healing of the damaged area.

Some of Our Specialties

Dr. Fiore is certified by the American Board of Surgery in both hand and wrist surgery. His practice centers on the pathology of the hand and wrist and focuses primarily on:

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The hand features 27 bones that provide structure to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to ensure movement. Any of these bones can experience a fracture when trauma occurs. This leads to pain, stiffness, swelling, deformity, and movement difficulties. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the hand and wrist surgeon can recommend treatments such as buddy tape, cast, brace or splint, K-wires, and surgical procedure.

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Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel

This condition occurs when the median nerve in the wrist and hand experiences compression. It is caused by a thickened ligament pinching the nerve but can be made worse with water retention, health conditions, or an injury. Carpal tunnel begins as a burning, tingling, or numbness sensation in the hand. When it becomes severe, it affects the patient's grip strength, making it hard for them to grasp objects or form a fist. Non-surgical treatment for this condition is night splints, which are worn at night to lessen the symptoms, or steroid injections. Surgical options include releasing the transverse carpal ligament to prevent compression.

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Nerve Injuries

Nerves are responsible for relaying messages to the brain and can experience injury when they are stretched, crushed, or cut. This leads to impairment or loss of the sensations. For non-permanent cases, the injured nerve can be connected when the tension is not great. A tube or a conduit is placed to connect the two ends when the tension is great. In cases where the nerve can't be treated without tension, a nerve graft is used to transfer a nerve from another part the body to the injured area. Treatment response depends on the extent of the nerve injury, type of injury, and the patient's age.

If your hands or wrists are impacted because of injury or another condition, Dr. Fiore can help restore the quality of your life. For more information on hand and wrist health, be sure to contact Dr. Nicholas Fiore at Fiore Hand & Wrist.

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