Fingertip Injuries and Treatment Options in Houston, TX

What are fingertip injuries?

Fingertip injuries may include crushing injuries, lacerations, and even amputation. Fingertip injuries can affect any or all components of the finger, including the soft tissue, the fingernail and nail bed, as well as bone. Because the fingertips are sensitive and contain many nerves, great care must be taken to preserve function and sensitivity. A properly functioning fingertip should be free of pain and have the ability to feel, pinch, and grip.

Treatment options

  • Bandaging: in some instances, the wound is minor enough for it to close on its own
  • Shortening of bone: so skin can amply cover wound
  • Skin graft : used when too much skin is missing to properly cover the wound
  • Reconstructive flap surgery: covers the wound with skin taken from a healthy portion of the injured hand
  • Replantation: where amputated fingertip is reattached

Proper treatment of should be assessed by a trained hand surgeon like Dr. Fiore, and depends on numerous factors, such as the extent of injury, the position and angle of any cuts involved, whether bone is exposed, etc.

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