Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery in Houston, TX

Less invasive than the open approach, the endoscopic approach uses a 3mm camera. It can be performed through a single incision (The Agee Technique) or through two incisions (The Chow Technique). Dr. Fiore performs the Agee Technique as it uses a single 1.5 cm incision which is at the wrist instead of the palm. He prefers this technique as it keeps scars outside the palm (which tends to be a more sensitive location) and also allows access to incise the fascia (the tight connective tissue over the median nerve in the forearm). A dressing consisting of a single gauze and a Tegaderm (a clear, waterproof dressing) are placed. The patient can get in the shower and get the dressing wet immediately; however no baths or washing dishes are allowed. The dressing is removed in 48 hours and the wound can be washed in running water. If possible, Dr. Fiore attempts to hide the scar in a naturally occurring crease in the wrist for a better cosmetic result. Most patients resume light activities such as typing the following day and are released to activities as tolerated one week post op.

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