Types Of Hand Injuries And Treatment Procedures in Houston, TX


Tendons are what connect our muscles to our bones. In the upper extremity, flexor muscles bring the fingertips towards the palm and extensor muscles move them away. Attaching those muscles to the bones of the fingers and thumb are long tendons which extend from the flexor muscles through the wrist into the hand. When one or more of these tendons is torn, cut or strained, movement of one or all of the fingers may be impaired.

Tendon Injury Symptoms

  • Inability or difficulty moving the fingers or wrist
  • Pain when moving the fingers

Diagnosis of Tendon Injury

To diagnose a tendon injury a physical examination is needed. The exam may consist of an assessment of finger movement, finger strength, and blood flow. Sometimes, X-rays may be needed as well to check for bone injury..

Tendon Injury Treatment

Most torn or cut tendons need to be repaired surgically. To heal, the ends of the severed tendon must be reattached to each other or to the muscle or bone from which it was detached. The extent and recovery from the surgery depends upon the initial injury. Depending on the tendon injured and the location of that injury, patients may need splinting for up to 6 weeks and require prolonged rehabilitation.

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