Trigger Finger Symptoms and Locked Finger Treatments Houston, TX


Trigger finger (stenosing tenosynovitis), a condition which can affect one or more fingers or the thumb, causes the finger to catch or lock as it opens. It occurs when the tendons controlling the finger do not slide properly through the tunnel of tissue surrounding it. It is more common among women than men. Early trigger finger merely causes the affected finger to catch as it straightens, it can also cause the finger to lock in a bent position in as it progresses in severity.

Trigger Finger Symptoms

The condition most often affects the thumb, middle or ring finger of the dominant hand and begins as a clicking in the finger as it straightens. At times a nodule or bump will appear at the base of the palm-side of the finger where the tendon is most likely catching. As trigger finger progresses, the finger may begin to catch, and then suddenly pop straight. Eventually, the affected finger may lock into a bent position. Symptoms of trigger finger tend to be most noticeable during the morning hours.

Trigger Finger Treatment

Early Cases: Resting the affected finger for a period of time can effectively treat milder cases of trigger finger. Splinting the finger in a straight position for a period of several weeks may also be required. Soaking the affected hand in warm water can sometimes lessen the catching sensation. Over-the-counter pain medications may also be used to relieve the symptoms.

More Severe Cases: A hand specialist can administer steroid injections which can reduce the inflammation in the affected tendon and tendon sheath. In most cases, injections are curative. Diabetics and patients with longstanding cases are least responsive to injections. It is for this reason that patients should seek treatment earlier as it could avoid the unnecessary costs and invasiveness associated with surgery . In cases not responsive to injections, making an incision about the A1 pulley (the tough connective tissue surrounding the tendon) can be performed.

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