Wrist Pain Causes and Treatment Options in Houston, TX

What causes wrist pain?

Wrist pain is an extremely common complaint and has a range of potential causes, including disease, fracture, sprains, and stress from repetitive motion. Receiving the right diagnosis early can get you on your way to the appropriate treatment and give you relief from your symptoms. In some instances, it can even prevent long-term complications. Common causes of wrist pain include:

Wrist Fracture

This is a common injury, often occurring when a person lands on an open hand. Symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, and deformity. Wrist fractures can be treated through both non-surgical treatments such as immobilization, as well as through surgical treatments.


There are numerous forms of arthritis, which can cause pain, inflammation, deformity, and loss of wrist movement. Treatments include anti-inflammatory medications, steroid injections, and surgical treatment.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition where the median nerve is compressed or ‘pinched' at the wrist. This condition can cause pain, numbness, and weakness in the hand. There are numerous surgical and non-surgical treatment options.


Tendonitis is the inflammation of the membrane surrounding the tendons in the wrist. Symptoms include pain, restricted movement, burning sensation in the affected area, and swelling.


A sprain is an injury to the ligaments causing pain, swelling, bruising, and limited movement.

Treatment options

Treatments of various wrist pain conditions vary greatly, and can include resting the wrist, oral medication, splinting, steroid injections, and various surgical treatments.

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Though the symptoms of many wrist issues can be quite similar, diagnosis, causes and treatments vary. Treatments of various wrist conditions include resting the wrist, oral medication, splinting, steroid injections and various surgical treatments. Houston hand surgeon Dr. Fiore specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of hand and wrist pain. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and fellowship trained in hand and microsurgery. For more information about wrist pain, or to schedule a consultation, call Fiore Hand & Wrist Surgical Associates at (281) 970-8002.

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